Young Adult Writing

My YA novels span realistic fiction, historical fiction, thrillers, and plain wacked-out fun.

Most of my stories are about outsiders, teens trying to make sense out of a world that may or may not be ready for them — the patriotic Ben Bright who loses his memory in a war accident in Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am; the mad-genius urban teens spiralling into a web of danger, drugs, and driving mishaps to absurd results in wtf; the brave and betrayed Minik, a Polar Eskimo boy orphaned in 1897 New York City in Smiler’s Bones; the band of suburban theater geeks in Drama Club, whose high-school plays are big-budget, high-stakes events for a whole community; the privileged teens making sense of a murder spree occurring in their midst.  Please click on any of the images for further information.