Drama Club

Imagine a town where the high school drama club is king — where musicals have six-figure budgets, the town closes up early on performance days, pep rallies are the go-to events of the season, and the school lobby has a shrine to Tony® Award–winning alums.

Welcome to the Ridgeport High Drama Club!  Meet Kyle, the injured (and hot) football star with a load of talent he can hardly control; Kasey, the shy new girl with a devastating secret; Dashiell, the star-cross’d geek; Brianna, the Perfect One always on the brink of brilliance or burnout; Harrison, whose personal map for success is on a collision course with his bullheaded Greek father; Reese, the star dancer who always gets what she wants; and Charles, the set designer with answers to everyone’s problems but his own.

Was Drama Club the inspiration for “Glee”?  Nahhh.  But if you have a thirst for things theater, you’ll love this take on an amazing musical world.