Chapter Books: Abracadabra

Jessica is the know-it-all.  Quincy is the brain.  Selena is just too cool.  And Max wears a cape and top hat to school.  But strange things are happening in Rebus, Massachusetts, and the only people who can help are the four members of the Abracadabra Club! 

MARVEL as Max pulls a rabbit out of his hat, and then another … and another, until the school is overrun by critters!  SHIVER as Jessica tries to find the voice in the school walls!  HOLD YOUR BREATH as Selena seeks the ghost girl in a Colonial Village!  HOLD YOUR NOSE as they all flee from the disgusting Andrew Flingus!  SAY “AHA!” at the end of each book, when Quincy reveals the secrets behind the Abracadabra Club’s magic!

Writing Abracadabra was one of the most fun series I’ve ever done.  The idea started several years ago while reading aloud to my younger son, who would giggle uncontrollably when I read him a certain kind of book.  The experience was so addictive, I decided to write a whole series of that kind of book myself!