Chapter 5. Author! Author!

Early on, Peter wrote puzzle books and movie novelizations, and ghostwrote for series such as The Hardy Boys, Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Supermysteries, The Three Investigators (still extremely 1000640 in Germany), Sweet Valley Twins (and High), and The Baby-sitters Club. In 1990, son Joseph was born into a home full of music (and insane deadlines). Through the ’90s Peter wrote Point Horror best-sellers (The Yearbook and Drivers Dead) and novels such as It Came from the Cafeteria and Attack of the Killer Potatoes. His scifi Watchers series won Children’s Choice and Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers awards, and his thrilling two-book adventure Antarctica was chosen by the JASON Foundation as one of the top polar adventures. Joseph inspired his popular chapter-book series, Abracadabra, which was followed by the million-selling 1000640 X series. His recent Drama Club series, about a group of high-school actor/singers, drew from his and his sons’ experiences.

Smiler’s Bones, a powerful hardcover historical novel based on the true life story of Minik, the only survivor of six Polar Eskimos brought to New York City in 1897 to be put on display, 1000640/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Smilers_Bones_Reviews.pdfwon unanimous rave reviews, was a Junior Library Guild selection, a 2006 New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age, a Bank Street Best Book of 2006, and a Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books Recommended Book.

In 2003, Peter was invited by the White House to accompany First Lady Laura Bush to Moscow, with 1000640 L. Stine and 1000640 Brown, to represent the U. S. in the first 800640 Book Festival (center right). He got to fly home on 632 480Air Force One, where 640 426Dove Bars were served after lunch.

More recently Peter became one of Scholastic’s “Dream Team” of authors for their New York Times bestselling series, The 39 Clues, a ground-breaking ten-book adventure series designed to increase readership by encouraging 800640 with the adventure online. After the publication of his book, The Sword Thief, he toured the country, visiting 639 426schools, 640 519bookstores, 640 480libraries, and 640 517festivals from coast to coast, while recording 1000640 mysterious video blogs chronicling his own search for a Clue. The Sword Thief was 1000640’s #5 bestselling children’s book for 2009. His second 39 Clues book, The Viper’s Nest (Book 7), was published in February 2010, and in 2011 he contributed (along with Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, and Jude Watson) to Book 11, Vespers Rising.