The 39 Clues Adventure Continues!

Hurrah! 462640 1000640 39 Clues lives on! The New York Times bestselling series continues with an entirely new six-book series, Cahills Vs. Vespers. To the left are my contributions to this amazing series. (I feel very lucky!)  On March 6, 2012, The Dead of Night went on sale, and you can read an excerpt 1000640 here!

Okay, let’s start at the beginning.  In The 39 Clues, orphans Dan and Amy Cahill are given a choice at the reading of their grandmother Grace’s will: inherit a million dollars each, or go a hunt for 39 Clues leading to the greatest power ever known. Whoever finds the secret becomes the most powerful person on earth.

What would you do? Dan and Amy choose the Clues, and they find they’re part of a secret family that goes back 500 years. Hints have been left all over the world by ancestors who include Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Mozart, Madame Curie, and Shakespeare. But other Cahills are also searching, and they’ll stop at nothing to win!

The 39 Clues is ten books, each written by a different best-selling author (and Book 11, which is written by four!). But you too can join the hunt 1000640 here! Find out which branch of the Cahill family you belong to — tough Tomas, creative Janus, scientific Ekaterinas, tricky Lucians …

My amazing fellow author/agents are 1000640 Riordan (who masterminded the series and wrote Book #1, The Maze of Bones), 1000640 Korman (#2: One 644497 False Note and #8: The Emperor’s Code), 1000640 Watson, aka National Book Award winner Judy Blundell (#4: Beyond the Grave and #6: In Too Deep), 1000640 Carman (#5: The Black Circle), Newbery Award winner 1000640 Sue Park (#9: Storm Warning), and 1000640 Peterson Haddix (#10: Into the Gauntlet).

In my first book (#3: The Sword Thief, which I’m proud to say was 1000640’s fifth bestselling children’s book of 2009!), Dan and Amy go to Japan to solve a riddle left by a ruthless conqueror. My second book, (#7, The Viper’s Nest) was voted 1000640 in the 2010 Goodreads Choice Awards for Middle Grade and Children’s books. In it, the Cahills break into a dangerous underground stronghold to find a mystery involving Shaka Zulu. And they discover something HUGE — which Cahill branch they 1000640 belong to. Since the series began, I’ve visited schools, bookstores, and festivals across the U.S. and Canada — and I video-blogged my own hunt for a special clue. To see all five episodes (in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago), click on the image to the right.

It’s been thrilling to read Books 8, 9, and 10, by Gordon, Linda Sue, and Margaret. By the end, the Cahills resolved the 39 Clues mystery — or so they thought.

But another family is after them, with a secret plan of unimaginable evil! This story is so important that four of us banded together to create an eleventh book to the series: Vespers Rising. In it, Rick, Gordon, Jude, and I each tackled one crucial Cahill mystery. Four authors, four separate stories. Read it, and then fasten your seatbelts for Cahills Vs. Vespers, which debuted on August 30, 2011 with Book 1, The Medusa Plot, and December 6 with Book 2, A King’s Ransom, written brilliantly by Gordon and Jude (respectively). If you haven’t been hooked yet, you can read an excerpt from Book 1 1000640 Books 4 through 6 will be written by 1000640 Smith, Linda Sue, and 1000640 Baldacci!