Watchers series

** EXCELLENT NEWS:  **  The entire Watchers series is back in print, via Open Road Media, as eBooks!  This is my first series, six mind-bending stories dealing with unexplained phenomena: parallel worlds, time travel, cloning, androids, and soul-upload.

1: Last Stop. David’s father is presumed dead, until David sees him on an abandoned subway platform come to life — or did he?

2: Rewind. Adam finds a videocam that views the past.  Now he can see his friend’s death four years ago.  Can he change it?

3: I.D.  Evie must find her clones, who are dying of a mysterious illness at precisely the same age — before her time comes!

4: War.  War-loving Jake finagles his way onto the set of a Civil War film, only to find the war is real … and he can’t get out!

5: Island. Wealthy Rachel follows a hot yacht-club busboy, Colin, to a strange island where no one ages, or escapes.

6: Lab 6.  Sam is caught up in a bizarre experiment to extract his never-born twin — who is inside him.